I Wish You Whole

It's time we stopped allowing society to curb our souls

How do we make head or tail of what's going on?

When what we’re fed is a manufactured narrative designed to perpetuate the status quo

All Hail The Mighty Status Quo

In the wake of COP26, it's time to take a good, hard look in the mirror and ask: "is this what we really want?"

Everywhere you look there’s Discontent

Are we witnessing the end of a civilisation?

My Inner State’s in a State of Emergency

Modern societies are creating an internal 'state of emergency' in their citizens

Everybody Needs to Wake Up The World

Existing systems are falling apart and it's up to all of us to start building a new world

Balance, Respect, Cooperation, Hope

Principles for a fairer and happier society

New Wind

There’s been a significant shift in the zeitgeist. Now humankind is throwing off the shackles of the past and looking forward to a new era.

What Can I Do About The State Of The World?

Small actions taken by many people can lead to profound changes for future generations.

Greed, Fear, Division

Individualistic modern societies feed off greed, fear and division but are there ways to tame this three-headed monster?

Me First Culture

Our current global culture glorifies individualism & self-fulfilment above all else but is it really the natural way for humans to behave?

Are We All Locked-in By Culture?

Culture. It’s a rather overused word these days, but what does it actually mean and is it possible to change the way we live our lives?

Wake Up The World

Getting this off the ground has been a long time coming and I’m really excited to be able to finally share my debut single and video

Introducing Faron Sage

I hadn’t expected to launch in such unusual circumstances but here we are, and here I am so let’s get on with it.