Hey. This is Faron Sage. I’m an animated musician exploring some of the pressing issues facing us in the world today. My debut single, Wake Up The World, is out now. I hadn’t expected to launch in such unusual circumstances but here we are, and here I am so let’s get on with it. This is where I’m coming from:

It’s now abundantly clear to anyone who's not completely delusional that the way most of us live our lives is not sustainable. Even the simple fact that our economic system is based on neverending growth is patently unsustainable - if we keep using and abusing resources at an increasing rate, far quicker than we can replace them, then sooner or later those resources are going to run out and everything will fall apart. It could take 10 years or it could take 200 years but it’s going to happen eventually, leaving our descendents to pick up the pieces. Or worse…
“It's only through individuals changing their mindsets and transforming the way they live their lives that we'll bring about the change we need.”
So, we all need to find a way of living within our means as a species. And that’s something we can all do something about. It’s easy to get overwhelmed and depressed by the situation and our powerlessness as individuals to change anything. However, it’s only through individuals changing their mindsets and transforming the way they live their lives that we'll bring about the change we need. Our ‘leaders’ won’t do it. They’re too entrenched in the current system. But if society and culture start to change then the leaders will follow. And the current Covid-19 pandemic has shown us that if everyone changes their behaviour then it makes a massive impact.

But we need to do it together. Whether we like it or not, we’re now all living in a globally interconnected world and we need to look after everyone. Division and fear ultimately leave everyone poorer - both the supposed ‘winners’ and ‘losers.’ Of course, we’re never going to create the perfect world for everyone but by now we should be able to at least design systems that best serve the maximum number of people. Surely we can strive for the best (in our imperfect way) rather than shrugging our collective shoulders and insisting that competition and survival of the fittest is humanity’s natural state. That’s certainly not been the case over the last few months.

What we really need, across the board, is balance. Everything else in this world works in cycles and always maintains a natural balance between elements. So why wouldn’t the same apply to us? Endless growth and extreme inequality are completely artificial human constructs.

I know lots of people are already asking these questions and calling for change but it feels like the message still isn’t getting through, or at least not to enough people. Maybe not enough people are delivering the message in song! No doubt I'll be repeating points and ideas that have already been made by far better qualified and informed individuals. But does that matter? Surely what’s important are the points and ideas themselves and what we make of them.

I hope you like the music. And I hope it makes you think.


For more on sustainable economics, check out Kate Raworth’s Doughnut Economics.

David Korten’s article, From Emergency to Emergence is an excellent piece on harnessing the current situation to encourage positive change.

And for some much-needed imagination, vision and positivity, I’m a great admirer of Rob Hopkins & Transition Network.

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